VoIP Telephone System

You can buy your VoIP telephone system from the business VoIP specialist in the region. You quickly save between 20% – 40%. When talking about a telephone exchange, we are talking about a VoIP telephone exchange. Other terms that are also used are virtual telephone exchange or VoIP exchange in the cloud. Your regional VoIP Provider will gladly tell you about the possibilities.

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VoIP Telephone System connected to VoIP telephone exchange
VoIP telephones connected to VoIP telephone exchange

During the conversation at your location in Thailand you can ask all the questions you have. The business VoIP specialist will also have a number of questions for you, to make sure the plan is perfect. So, before you book, try to think about:

  • How many numbers do you have?
  • How many lines do you have?
  • How many devices do you want to connect?
  • Are there home workers?
  • Are there mobile workers?
  • What are your likely 3-5 year requirements?
  • Etc.

A question that you may not expect, is a request for a copy of your current telecom invoices. These are analyzed by the telephony specialist during the development and planning phase. You will receive a detailed proposal within one week.


  • Savings of up to 60% for business call traffic and subscriptions
  • Fixed amount per month
  • Existing telephone numbers will also move
  • High reliability and stability
  • Low investment costs
  • Good accessibility of your employees regardless of where they work
  • No physical center with you in the building
  • Scalable regardless of the growth of your organization
  • Clear management system (online)
  • Better insight into the monthly costs
  • Lower maintenance costs through central updates

Advantages of VoIP

The advantage of having a specialist in your region is a faster and more personal service. If there is a support question, the support employee can be on site quickly. By looking at your business, customized plans are  developed. You get the most optimal, affordable, flexible and future-proof communications solution.

Local VoIP Specialist

Your regional specialist comes with cost-saving solutions, whereby your current equipment is also assessed, and if possible will be integrated. Together with your team, he or she creates a customized solution. We will asses which equipment is reusable, saving you even more in the transition. Your employees also communicate in one network, whether they are at work, at home, or on the road.


Your VoIP exchange is not physically in your company building. It is a virtual telephone exchange in the cloud. IVR (Intelligent Voice Response) software can be installed. With this you ‘route’ the incoming call traffic to the right department or employee. You decide when and to whom you will be forwarded and which message will be played. While waiting for your callers, you can also play music.


The best Voip center controls the communication from and to your organization with the outside world. A link with your CRM system ensures the personal approach of your customer. The telecom specialist will also discuss security and the advantages of organizing this centrally.


The devices that are used are DECT telephones, VoIP telephones and Smart phones. The connection is made via the internet. Regardless of where your employees are, they can use advanced functionalities. Think of transferring calls via the operator, but also among themselves. If an employee is not available, the caller can leave a voice message or transfer it. All users use connect to your VoIP exchange to listen to their messages.

The VoIP solution that is chosen for you is state of art and ready for future developments.

Flexibility and scalability are key words that are reflected in all collaborations.

Everything is communicated in a simple and transparent way, so that the implementation of your business telephony solution can take place quickly and without any misunderstandings or problems.

With the phasing out of ISDN, many organizations in Thailand are faced with a ‘mandatory’ switch to VoIP.

Here are the most common FAQ:

  1. Can I continue to use my answer phone?
    Answer: A VoIP telephone exchange has all these functionalities. The messages have to be re-recorded.
  2. Which telephone exchange to choose?
    The operation of your organization is central to answering this question. Only a specialist can give good advice on the basis of specific questions.
  3. What about my security alarm setup?
    Your alarm continues to work as you normally do. You get an ‘IP-adjustment’, so that your alarm is ready for the future. Over time, alarm systems that work with an analogue line must be replaced.
  4. What if the internet fails?
    If the internet connection is lost, your landline telephones will (temporarily) no longer work. It is possible to set up a secondary connection for this over 4G. With this you can catch internet faults on the fixed line. If you have a VoIP exchange in the cloud, the VoIP system detects the failure of the fixed internet connection. The VoIP exchange can transfer calls directly to your mobile phone.
  5. Will I continue to receive invoices from the phone company?
    No, invoicing is only from your VoIP exchange and calling costs charged via your own business telephony specialist.
  6. What happens to my fax line?
    You can convert your fax line to Fax2Email. Incoming faxes are delivered to one or more mailboxes. If you do not take Fax2Email, the fax line will expire.
  7. What is a VoIP exchange?
    VoIP means “voice over IP” and it is easy to explain that a call is made via a computer network. The VoIP exchange that is locally located in the building, or in the cloud, controls the call traffic. An App is installed on the Smartphone with which you connect to the VoIP exchange. In addition, it is also possible to see accessibility of your colleagues or to integrate separate reception software into your VoIP exchange service.
  8. What is VoIP central SME’’?
    The search term VoIP central SME is mostly used by companies looking for a VoIP exchanges in Thailand.